Pretreatment Program

Aerial view of wastewater treatment plant

General pretreatment regulations for point sources of pollution were promulgated in final form by the USEPA in 1978. This regulation was intended to reduce the health and environmental risk of pollution caused by non-domestic discharges of Publicly Owned Treatment Works.  The USEPA strategy was to establish the responsibilities of Federal, State and local governments, industry, and the public in the development and enforcement of Pretreatment Standards for the control of pollutants that could:

  • Pass through a treatment plant and created receiving stream water quality problem 
  • Interfere with treatment processes 
  • Limit opportunities to recycle or reclaim municipal and industrial wastewaters and sludges
view of pretreatment plant

As a result of these regulations, the Village of Newark contracted with Lu Engineers to develop an Industrial Pretreatment Program in 1984.  Lu Engineers continues to oversee the program, assisting in industrial inspections, surveys, sample scheduling and annual reports.  Tasks performed as part of the Pretreatment Program include: 

  • Conduct surveys to determine industries that may need to be permitted
  • Perform headworks analysis at wastewater treatment plant to determine or estimate pollutant removals and tolerances and develop a list of concentration limits 
  • Biannual inspections of participating industries 
  • Design and conduct sampling programs 
  • Monitor industries in order to ensure compliance
  • Enforce Pretreatment Program by investigating and requiring correction of instances of non-compliance by participating industries
  • Compile sample results and file annual reports 

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator John Reynolds is the Village's Pretreatment Coordinator and is assisted by Wastewater Treatment Plant personnel.  The Village of Newark's Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed to remove conventional pollutants normally associated with residential or domestic wastes.  Through it Industrial Pretreatment Program, the Village is protecting the Wastewater Treatment Plant by establishing a base level of treatment for all participating industrial contributors.