3 ambulances parked outdoors

Call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Newark-Arcadia Volunteer Ambulance (NAVA) serves the Village of Newark and the Town of Arcadia. They have three ambulances and a fly car. The staff is on duty 24 hours a day, most of whom perform ambulance service in the field.

NAVA provides emergency care and transportation to anyone in need within the township of Arcadia, which includes the Village of Newark, and pre-scheduled hospital transfer transportation for residents.  They respond to over 2,000 calls per year.

Newark Ambulance also provides non-emergency wheelchair, stretcher, and ambulette service.

NAVA boasts a Junior Membership program for youths aged 14-17, with 13 active young people, more than 50 active volunteer adult members, and a 24/7 paid professional crew to augment the volunteer staffing.

301 Frey Street
Newark, NY 14513
United States

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43.0601079, -77.0984134