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Fire engine parked outside of station

The Village of Newark is served by a Volunteer Fire Department. The Department has 160 members, all volunteers, who man three Hose Companies and one Ladder Company. The Hose Companies each have one truck pumper and the Ladder Company has a truck pumper outfitted with a 100 foot ladder. The Department also has a heavy rescue truck which has such items as the Jaws of Life, self-contained breathing apparatus, smoke evacuation equipment, thermal imaging along with items for lighting and power generators. The Department also has a fire utility truck that contains materials to clean spills, power generators and lighting as well as barricades to keep people away from the fire.

The Department is on duty 24 hours a day, every day. A fire can be reported by dialing 911. The area covered by the volunteer Department includes all of the Town of Arcadia.

Equipment of the Department is funded by the Village; other funds required by the Department are raised by various fund drives or events.

Fire prevention is a very important responsibility of this Department. They run programs aimed at fire prevention and fire fighting information in the local schools and at various public places at times during the year. Mayor Taylor is the Public Information Officer for the Fire Department. He can be reached at (315)-331-4770.

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