Mayor & Village Board

Mayor and Village Board

The Village Board consists of the Mayor and four Trustees. The Village Board is the governing body of the Village of Newark.  The Village Board is elected by Village residents to not only oversee Village property and finance, but to maintain the safety, health, comfort and welfare of its residents.

The Village Board is responsible for such functions as the development of Village policies and standards of operation for departments; completion of the budget process; involvement in purchasing, insurance and revolving loan fund issues; and they serve as committee members for loan review, personnel issues, records management, and information technology. These members further act as commissioners for the Fire Department, Police Department, Ambulance and Veteran Affairs.

The Board of Trustees meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the courtroom on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Building, unless otherwise publicized. The regular session is open to the public. The Municipal Building is located at 100 E. Miller St., Newark. Click here for meeting calendar with agendas.