Identifying Lead Pipes In Water Service

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Lead, Copper and Galvanized Pipes scraped for identification

IDENTIFYING LEAD PIPES IN WATER SERVICEThe Village of Newark is required by the NYS Department of Health to identify all lead services in use within the Village’s water system. To comply with NYSDOH the material of each water service line to homes within the Village of Newark will need to be identified.Residents are being asked to do the following:1. Locate where your water service enters your home / structure and take picture #1 (see diagram A below)2. Determine which side of the water meter is your incoming service (see diagram A below)3. Once identified complete a scratch test to determine material and take picture #2 (see diagram B below)4. Submit pictures to the Village of Newark via email to kkelley [at] or print and send to Village of Newark 100 E Miller Street, Newark, NY 145135. Include address with submitted pictures. Click this link to watch a You Tube Video on how to identify lead pipes.