Calculator, typed paper, and glasses

The Village Clerk/Treasurer performs duties that support both employees and Village residents.  As a supportive role for employees, the Village Clerk/Treasurer administers workers' compensation claims, benefits, and payroll. Preparation of the Village Board agendas and minutes are completed by the Village Clerk/Treasurer, plus any other functions necessary to support the Mayor and Village Trustees.

Legal notice posting, Village election coordination, banking, grant writing, peddling permits, Village insurance, building numbering issues, Department of Motor Vehicles contacts, records management, bingo licensing and reporting, and fulfillment of FOIL requirements also fall under the Village Clerk/Treasurer's jurisdiction.

The Village Clerk/Treasurer is the Chief Fiscal Officer to the Village and is responsible for all Village matters with a fiscal implication. In addition to specified responsibilities, the Clerk/Treasurer is often called on to lend his voice to matters such as giving opinion on the soundness of a loan requested by a newly formed business or an expanding entity seeking to expand their horizon in Newark. Because of the wide range of involvement in Village matters, the Clerk/Treasurer may also be asked to represent the Village as a presenter at functions such as the New York Conference of Mayors.

The Clerk/Treasurer is further responsible for the following functions:

  • As Chief Accounting officer, orchestrates the development of the Village's annual budget.
  • Coordinates the annual financial audit and compiles information for the Annual Update Document for submission to the State Comptroller.
  • Ensures accuracy of all financial reports emanating from the Village's general ledger.
  • Develops and audits internal control measures to safeguard Village property as detailed in the Village's balance sheet and in subsidiary records.
  • Prepares cash flow projections to ascertain the optimum amount of Village funds that would be considered to be surplus and invests same to mature at the point in time that the Village has requirements for those funds.
  • Prepares cost/benefit analysis of specific capital and other projects.
  • Complies with all rulings from the Office of the State Comptroller and so advises the Village Board of Trustees.