Industrial/Business Parks

Aerial view of property

The Village has an Industrial/Business Park just north of the canal that is seeing constant growth and development. The Newark (West Shore) Industrial/Business Park encompasses approximately 90 acres of which 57 have been developed.  The park is home to several small to mid-sized manufacturing and service companies.  The rual setting has easy access to main roads with utilities available throughout the park. The Village is willing to grant concessions on these properties in exchange for job creation. (Land for Jobs Policy)

Aerial view of property

Silver Hill Technology Park, which is one of New York's "Shovel Ready" sites, was created for new industrial, commercial and warehouse distribution facilities. The aim of the park is to offer short lead times to new companies by taking care of regulatory requirements up front.  The park, located just south of downtown Newark on Route 88, is home to Ultralife Batteries, Creation Technologies and a campus of Finger Lakes Community College.

For more information, contact the Economic Development Facilitator, Robbin Bremer at (315)-331-4773, Ext. 106