Village green space

Highway Maintenance

The Village maintains approximately 88 lane miles of roads which includes repairs, sweeping, plowing and salting, and brush/leaf pickup.

Road and sidewalk clearing vehicles

Sidewalk Maintenance

The Department of Public Works plows Village sidewalks as a courtesy. They clear the "school route" first, then expand out if time permits. However, according to the Village Code, the property owner is responsible for cleaning the sidewalk.

The Village provides a Hazardous Sidewalk Replacement Program to encourage property owners to replace section of hazardous side walk by funding 50% of the cost of replacement at a pre-determined maximum price per block. A Village inspection must be completed prior to the sidewalks being replaced in order to qualify for the funding. Please use the contact information above to schedule a sidewalk inspection.

Brush and Leaf Pickup

The Village picks up brush in the spring and fall. This includes tree limbs (up to 6 inch diameter), leaves, grass, clippings and shrub trimmings; but will not pick up dirt, boards, logs, cardboard, furniture, paper or metal items. Residents are required to place the debris at the curb, not in the road. There is an area at the Operations Center on Wood Lane designated for residents to drop off brush after working hours and weekends.

Tree and landscape management

Tree Maintenance

Another responsibility of the DPW is the trimming, removal and replacement of Village trees that are located in the Village right-of-way.  Trees are generally trimmed and removed in the fall and winter; and new trees planted in the spring.

Village Park & playground


Within the Village of Newark, there are 10 parks for residents to enjoy.  These parks are well maintained by the DPW and are located at every corner of the Village.  The Department further maintains both the Erie Canal area and trails.