The Patrol Division is the primary functional unit of the Newark Police Department.  It is comprised of 4 Supervisors and 9 Police Officers and is considered the backbone of the Newark Police Department.  The Patrol Division is the most visible section of the Police Department, providing around the clock service (24/7) to the citizens and visitors to the Village of Newark.  The uniformed officers provide the first line of defense for the public's safety.

Each police officer works to protect life and property, uphold the civil rights of individual, preserve public peace, provide citizen assistance, enforce criminal and motor vehicle laws, the Village laws and respond to emergency situations as they arise.

Within the patrol division there are several special purpose details.  These assignments permit a change of pace for the officers and also serve vital functions.  Two of these highly effective details are the Community Policing and the Bicycle Patrol.  Both of these began by the suggestion of patrol officers, implemented by an administration willing to use innovative methods to improve effectiveness.

The function of the Community Policing Detail is to provide specialized patrol and civic services to targeted areas of the Village.  It is rooted in the cooperation and credibility of the partnership between the Police Department and the community.  As a consequence of fulfilling fundamental policing functions in the context of the community-oriented policing and problem-oriented policing philosophies, we envision and are committed to producing these community outcomes:

  •     A safe and peaceful community with neighborhood pride

  •     Effective crime prevention and law enforcement

  •     Swift apprehension of offenders

  •     No visible signs of disorder

  •     Intensified police presence to increase the sense of security and to decrease the opportunity to    commit crime

  •     Increased personal contact and accessibility between the police and the citizens they serve

  •     Effective relationships with the community and other organizations

  •      A vital economic climate for business and a cooperative community climate for residents

Uniformed Patrol