The Juvenile Aid Bureau responsibilities include:

Crimes Committed by Juveniles:
The Juvenile Aid Bureau investigates all crimes committed or suspected of being committed by juveniles (any person under 16 years of age).  This includes apprehension and prosecution in Wayne County Family Court.

Crimes Committed Against Juveniles:
They are also responsible for investigating crimes committed against juveniles by adults.  An example of this would be physical and/or sexual abuse of juveniles by their parents or others.  These types of investigations involve coordination with other agencies such as Child Protective Services, Child Advocacy Center, Wayne County District Attorney's Office, and Wayne County Probation Department.

Crimes Committed by Adults and Juveniles Together:
They also assist the adult side of Criminal Investigations with the adult criminal investigators.  This would normally occur if an adult and a juvenile commit a crime together.

Other Police Divisions include:

Criminal Investigations


Police Administration

Uniformed Patrol

Juvenile Aid Bureau