1.   Exhaust all efforts to collect funds for bad checks by the payee.  Check must have been issued   within the limits of the Village of Newark and be no more than one (1) year old.  No postdated checks or checks with "Stopped Payment" are accepted.

2.  Payee then brings check and any bank statements of fees incurred by payee to the Police Department.  A receipt for the check will be issued to you by the police.

3.  The Police Department will then send a letter to the subject requesting that they pay amount of check and any fees associated with the check within a certain time period.

4.  Subject is then to contact the payee and pay the check amount and all fees incurred to the payee.  The Police Department does not collect any monies.

5.  If the subject pays the amount due, the payee should give the subject a receipt and instruct the subject to return to the Police Department.  Their check will then be returned to them by the Police.

6.  If the subject fails to pay the check amount and fees, the payee then returns to the Police Department to pick up the check and takes the check to the bank that the check is drawn upon to request that the check be protested by the bank.  The payee then returns the check and the notice of protest from the bank to the Police Department.  If the subject then fails to pay the check and fees after 10 days, the payee signs a Bad Check Complaint and a warrant is issued for the arrest of the subject who wrote the check.

Bad Check Procedure